October 12, 2020

Bandung Destination: Lembang Floating Market

Hello! How has everyone been doing? I hope everyone is doing well during quarantine this time. I'm still stuck at home (most of the times) as I write this post, drinking green tea from my favorite mug, listening to Groovy bot on discord (my friend put the playlist), and talking with them. That's pretty much how I spend everyday now, boring? yes :c But I have no choice, Covid has ruined my 2020, my plans and all γ… γ…  I was busy pursuing my teacher certification before Covid (I was studying under Keimyung university) and without corona, I should have been sitting in a cozy cafe in Stockholm sipping warm drink waiting for The International 2020 now! But oh well...! 

Anyway, I went to Floating Market in Lembang Bandung in July, I didn't know Lembang was that beautiful, waw I'm amazed! well this isn't my first time in Lembang, just that I haven't really been going to the tourism sites. Most of the times I'll be in Lembang for food or milk (Lembang has delicious fresh milk!) So yeah I'm just gonna photo bomb you with pictures I took that day.

Lembang floating market:

Floating market where local foods, snacks & items like clothing are carried by sellers on boats.

Jl. Grand Hotel No.33E, Lembang, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat 40391

(022) 2787766 

Open: 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM

The greenish lake is one of the first thing you'd see in Lembang floating market. The entrance ticket was actually really cheap, only USD 2, and you can choose one free drink of warm hot chocolate milo, orange juice, or just soft drinks. That's my niece wearing my jacket btw.

My favorite spot to sit, enjoying a breeze of fresh air with a warm drink, listening to lo-fi music. I could spend hours sitting there, getting busy with watercolor sketching, having intimate time with myself and still being productive. Wow, what could be better? 

Pathway to "Japanese" area, they have that kind of small booth for you to take picture or selfie. You can rent kimonos there. I don't know why they showcase Japanese culture though? I think it would be nicer if it's all about Indonesia's rich cultural traditions. Indonesia has beautiful cultural diversity, which I love.

Trying a 10-15 minutes boat ride over the matcha lake! well lol that's how I called it because the lake looks like matcha green tea to me, don't you think so?

I reallly REALLY enjoy the boat ride, if you ever visit floating market in Lembang you should really try the boat ride.

Assisting my nieces... they were having fun feeding the fishes...

This is the food court area, here you can see a lot of boats, floating, selling all kinds of foods and snacks for you to much on, I love the concept! You can find many traditional Indonesian food & snacks like nasi ketan, rujak, empal, soto, tahu susu (milk tofu) <-- this is my favorite. and many more.

Hehe... my favorite spiral potato

This is nasi ketan... with, I think that's coconut on the top.

Just wanted to take a picture of that cat...

Near "KOTA MINI" there's a lot of tourist attractions, mainly for kids but adult can enjoy too. Riding a mini train, trying to be "mamang becak" you can ride becak, Indonesian traditional cycle rickshaw. Watch 4D (or 3D I forgot) short movies. All surrounded with beautiful natures.

Indonesian Becak!

Feeding the lambs, they love carrots.

This is a famous spot of floating market. too bad I captured it in a bad angle γ… γ…  

cosmos flower ♥

Just a random artistic trash bin lol

Ticket to KOTA MINI, another 2USD to get in! Inside you can find cute little cafe and cute European style houses with intricate design filled with attractions. Kids will surely love to explore every little houses in kota mini. There's mirror house, kids playground, the kind of huge playground where you can jump, climb and do all-things-monkey, you know? There's paint ball playground, kids can experience the fun of being a firefighter, catching thief, being a chef, baking cookies, making pastries... and many more things.

a kind aunt gave me free tickets, I gave it to my niece. They were happy lol

Beautiful hydrangea

hahaha my niece said "I can't see anything" and she kept doing that with her mask πŸ˜…

These are pictures taken from a hotel/restaurant nearby. I forgot the name but I will update my post later. The sunset was really really beautiful. There's one small hanging chair in the corner and I realllly enjoy sitting there waiting for sun to set.

Watching the sun sets is really relaxing, almost therapeutic. I like to listen to lo-fi music while enjoying the moment, admiring how beautiful the sky is, admiring the delicate clouds that move slowly across the horizon. It's magical and it's really inspiring. It fills my soul with gratitude, like, I'm still here breathing. I could spend hours watching and waiting the sun to set. I appreciate the moment when light turns into darkness and when the moon and stars start to shine! I really admire moon too!

Took this pic from my favorite spot 

The leaves are beautiful aren't they? haha that wraps up my moment in Lembang floating market. I'd love to visit floating market again but I think my next destination is The Great Asia Afrika in Lembang. oh! I want to visit the orange garden too, the dekopon orange was so delicious, it was the kind of orange you can find in Jeju island too, the 할라봉 (hallabong).



  1. Hi, how are you? ^^

    Thanks for visiting my blog ~ It seems you had so much fun in Lembang 😁 -- I know rite, Corona also force me to change all the plans that I had. I even cancel my flight to Jeju Korea and decided to stay in Bali for a moment until I dunno when πŸ˜‚ by the way, do you work in Indonesia? Or doing internship? I wish you have many good moments and stories to share while you are here πŸ˜‰

    Stay safe and healthy!

    1. Sorry I reply in here hehehe, good to know that you settle down and work in Indonesia. I wish everything going well for you and hopefully one day we can say hello to each other while in Indonesia or Korea ^^ -- or maybe you have plan to visit Bali hehehe.

      Have a good day, too! 😁

  2. It looks absolutely beautiful and very interesting to my eyes. I'm old and retired so this pandemic has been a nuisance, but not life-changing. I do feel very sad for all you younger people, whose lives are getting really messed up. But it will pass and all shall be well. Keep smiling!

  3. Waah the pictures you take are so nice! I live in Bandung but rarely visit Lembang and havent been to Floating Market :( But the European area looks similar with Farm House hehe.

    I agree with you, I dont understand why tourism site in Indonesia like to adapt other countries culture haha.

  4. What a wonderful place to explore. And that cat is really pretty too. Thanks for the foodie photos as well! A splendid post indeed. Thank you so much for visiting my story blogs and your comments and encouragements as well. All the best to your blogging! & safe travels!

  5. Lembang Floating Market is a must visit place when in Bandung 😁
    I'm glad that you enjoy your day while in there 😊 Anyway, I never went to Kota Mini because everytime I want to go inside, it was too crowded πŸ˜‚
    Nice to meet you!

  6. What a series of beautiful pictures. I love the pix of the koi fishes with their mouths wide open waiting for food. It is quite scary actually seeing them soooo hungry and i wonder it they' ll bite if a person fell into the pond! The pix of the pink baby prams/carriers in a row is quite amusing. Thanks for dropping in, Kim

  7. It looks like you had a very nice time and saw beautiful and interesting things. I love that boat towards the beginning. I would love to have a small one for my pond ;-)

  8. Woaaa I haven't been there before even though I used to be live in Bandung for almost 5 years πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    I agree with you about "Japanese showcase". I think they show the Japanese culture just because you can take a picture there as if you are in Japan and can show off with others with "Hey, I already went to Japan. Just look at this picture." Something like that...

    Oh btw I think in the top of Nasi Ketan are "ikan teri". Crispy and savory, so yumm!

  9. Hello, Kim! Aloha from Hawaii. Thank you for your kind comment. I have never been to Indonesia, but I certainly enjoyed seeing it through your camera lens. Thank you for sharing your world with us.