June 15, 2019

Getting my braces removed [urgently]

Okay, now that the pain has subsided a bit, I can finally write a post. I'm still healing from my bad bad periconoritis now, I had my braces removed yesterday, and now I'll be sharing the story.

So first of all, I had my braces put by a dentist almost two weeks ago. That time, again, I didn't know that only orthodontists are legitimately licensed to do so. I simply thought a dentist could also put braces on.

You can check my older post to see my experience with the braces. The pain was moderate, still really annoying though because I can't eat as fast as I used to, I also need to say good bye to my favorite food!

Anyway, I had an ominous foreboding about my braces, I felt like it was so wrong... so I thought I'd better consult a orthodontist.

13th June:

Had appointment with Drg. Adhy Ganjar Sp, Ort. He looks so young but he seems smart and competent, he's also a very humorous person! After checking my whole teeth, he said there's few problems with my current braces:

1. The center line. Two of my central teeth will slowly moving to the right side. Which is not good, take a look at Tom Cruise. It's true though because within almost two weeks, my central front teeth have already moved by 2 milimeters to the right. He told me that if I'd need one of my tooth (from the left that) extracted so that the central teeth move right to its proper place.

2.  According to him, I should have one or two lower teeth taken out before getting the braces. But the 'first' dentist didn't have a single one extracted. So what will happen here is, my lower jaw will recede to the back, which isn't nice! He told me I already have a perfect side profile (that makes me happy, lol).

Though, he didn't force me to remove the braces. It's all up to me whether I want to keep it or NUKE it. But of course I want to have it removed after hearing all that, who wants teeth like Tom's? I don't! He said I should give myself a lot of time to think and also talk to the first dentist and told her politely why I want it removed.

Later that night, my lower right jaw, near the wisdom tooth, got really really really, extremely, painful. So painful that I couldn't even sleep. I'm so lucky because I already made an appointment with an orthodontist Alex Iskandar Sp, Ort. the next day.

14th June:

Went to ALEXIS clinic, I love the way he shorten his name to Alexis. I love the place, modern and clean, just nice! There was a kitten sleeping in front of the main door, it didn't seem to be bothered as people walks by.

Anyway, the pain had become extremely unbearable by morning, and I still had to drive alone #$^&*@#@!!! Apparently, I have a severe infection on my right wisdom teeth called periconoritis. The infection was caused by improper braces installment, because there were no teeth being taken out, my wisdom tooth got squeezed back, injuring the gum, and with all the nasty bacteria I have in my mouth, it got infected.

What wisdom tooth, we should change its name to cursedom tooth.

I kinda begged him to remove my braces. All of that USD 243 metal brackets! I can't bear the pain anymore. Not only it was wrongly put, the braces had caused me a painful, severe, periconoritis. The infection has spread to my neck, causing my lymph nodes to swell and become tender. I have difficulty swallowing and breathing, and I can barely open my mouth.

Dr. Alex couldn't clean the brackets glue due to my mouth being unable to fully open. I made another appointment next month because he's fully booked.

I don't care I lost bunch of money. USD 243 "for braces" is considered cheap, very cheap, and that's why I decided to get it. Worst decision I've ever made, really. I wanted it cheap, ended up damaging my teeth more.

What happen to my teeth after the whole ordeal?

Dr. Alex said it will go back to its original position, because my front central teeth has already moved a bit.

I get my bite perfectly aligned back into its original position right after.

My teeth turned a bit transparent on the edge, I hate this... I hope they can do something about it. I'm not sure what have caused it :c

I'm still healing from my severe infection, day 3 and I began to feel better.

Since I had one of my bicuspid extracted, I'm at point where there's no turn back. I should keep on going, either with traditional braces or invisalign. Though, I think I'll go with invisalign next time. It's costly but I think it's really worth it.

At least I've learnt my lesson. I lost money, and healthy teeth. I wanted it cheap but it makes everything more expensive for me now. Guys, really, if you are considering braces, get it right from the beginning, let an actual orthodontist put it for you.

Now I need to distract myself from the pain, see you on next post!

June 13, 2019

Lower braces and one week update

It's a living hell, literally.

If anyone of you is reading this and considering braces, just forget it, get invisalign instead. You will save a LOT of time. Instead of spending years, you'll only need a few good months, with minimum pain.

Okay, so I just got my lower braces yesterday, and it's exactly one week since I got my upper braces.

Lower Braces:

Let's just jump into the real problem here.

It's really not the pain, the pain is bearable but the real problem after I got my lower braces is:

My bite feels misaligned and I can't rest my jaw properly!

I had perfect bite before and everything was actually fine except for my impacted canine tooth on the right side (well it's kinda cute but I prefer a perfect smile).

Suddenly I can't close my molars perfectly, it feels so weird! I complained about it to my dentist and she tried to remove some more glue from my teeth, which, somehow got left there. But I felt no improvement.

So if I open my mouth, then close it... *let's imagine it in a slow motion* my upper-right second bicuspid tooth will HIT my bottom teeth first, resulting a BIG gap between the upper to lower molars on the left side.

This is downright bad! I have uneven resting jaw because of this! Not only that, I can't even chew food properly ㅠㅠ

I have no idea is this is temporary or it's gonna be worse. I made an appointment with a real, actual orthodontist tomorrow at 10 A.M. so I hope everything will be okay. I seriously hope nothing bad had happened to my jaw yet, I don't want a TMJ or, for the worst, crooked face, ew!

Upper braces update:

Moderate pain, zero pain killer. Second to third day being the most painful of all because the metal brackets are DIGGING in to my inner cheek and lips, though, I didn't get ulcers until today!

I brush my teeth almost four times per day, especially after meal. I also gargle with Himalayan pink salt water and Betadine mouth wash to control bacteria growth.

The saddest part is: I can't eat voraciously like I always did.

I also noticed that my right second bicuspid started to feel a bit off, like it starts to crook away because I can feel it lightly nudging my lower teeth whenever I bite. Now it's hell worse with lower braces! ( p.s. I had my right first bicuspid on the right taken off to create space for the cuspid)

I really wish I'd read THIS before :c
I spent USD 245 for both upper and lower braces, and I might need the same amount to have it removed. We'll see though!

June 7, 2019

How I fix water damaged keyboard

Few days ago, I accidentally spilled a full mug of sugared Twinnings tea to my Logitech G100S keyboard while I was vacuum cleaning my table. I quickly removed all the keycaps (uh, hard work) and dried all leftover water with kleenex and wiped it clean with alkylbenzene sulfonate (Mr. Muscle).

After spending at least 2 hours cleaning it, I put all the keycaps back, and unsurprisingly, some keys have totally stopped, while the others seems to type down random numbers/alphabets by itself. It was so frustating!

Anyway I didn't think much of it, I thought I just had to get myself a new keyboard because I had been using the G100S for five years anyway. Later that day, I went out and bought myself a Sades Thyrsus, because I thought it looked pretty nice and ok for the price, like super cheap! Only around USD 39 for a RGB mechanical keyboard) It's a bargain!

When I got home, my G100S keyboard was still in the same state as before, not working properly at all, like typing some random shits on its own. I unplugged the keyboard and put it on my table to let it dries off perfectly.

And today, I plugged it back and my keyboard is PERFECTLY fine! But I've just started to adjust better to my Thyrsus, so for a while I'll be using this mechanical keyboard. I didn't care/know much about mechanical keyboard but this one seems to have a blue kaihl mechanical switch which is super clicky and loud! My friends on discord are always complaining about how noisy my keyboard is, lol. But I should get myself a new keyboard for a back up before I fly to Europe because their keyboard is different (they have more alphabets), using European keyboard is really stressing me out! ㅠㅠ

June 5, 2019

I just got braces!

So yeah, I just got braces! It was a very impulsive decision (blame huge discount) and I didn't even know anything about braces - yet - at least until I got home and start to dig out more about braces. So I'll be talking about my experience with braces now.

This is my third day and I feel tortured! I kinda regret it but I just keep reminding myself of the "Pepsodent smile" which I've been wanting badly, for years! At least after a year or so, I could gloat over my very own pepsodent smile.

What I wish I knew about BRACES:
1. It's supposed to be done by a specialist a.k.a orthodontist.
I had mine done by a non-specialist dentist. I'm a bit scared now, I hope everything will be okay though, I saw a horrifying picture of someone who went to a self proclaimed 'tooth expert' (they're not even a dentist!) to get braces because the price is super cheap, and within four months her front tooth sink in to the back while the root is poking out naked from the damn gum. Holy f*ck!
I hope I'd be okay, really, I mean my dentist seems nice, even though she's not a orthodontist, yet.

2. I need to wear retainers for the rest of my life
You read it right, for the rest of my life. Otherwise the teeth will start to rebel and revert back to their original hideous state they once were. Those jerks (teeth) like to see you wasting money getting new braces and being tortured all over again!

3. The 'antenna' on the canine bracket is poking my cheek

picture: somewhere from Google

This thing is really annoying, I need to get a dental wax real soon. Other than that, unless if I'm chewing something, my teeth don't hurt. But I do feel this weird sensation like my teeth are being pulled away.

4. What else... THE TORTURE IS REAL! I hope I knew it's gonna be this hard just to eat something. I spent 2 hours trying to chow down Mc Donald's french fries and I couldn't even finish it! I think I'll just eat something soft and mushy like banana, oatmeal, or porridge :c

Other thing is, every freaking time I eat something, the food will get stuck in the brackets! I need to bring small brush and tooth paste everywhere I go now.

That's pretty much it, I'll be updating my braces experience again next time.
I'll still have to go to the same dentist in a week to get braces on my bottom teeth. I really hope everything will go well so that I don't have to actually go to an orthodontist because I nearly lose any of  my teeth or one of the root starts to poke straight out from the gum. Just kidding! That's not going to happen please God.

Oh, by the way, the dentist took one my teeth (the one right next to my cuspid) and I didn't even get to take a single painkiller. And like, I still had to drive home after that. It was a long, hot day, and the traffic was crazily jammed up. I desperately trying to find nearby drugstore but every single one of it was closed due to Eid mubarak! GG! After driving for almost an hour I found one drugstore but I still had to queue in a damn big line. I hoped I could just sit while queuing, and then there was this one funny grandpa with white hairs allover who kept talking to me, asking me what medicine I needed and telling me why he was there. I'm like 'oh God I seriously don't feel like talking now...' (even if it's Aragaki Yui I didn't even feel like talking that time), but he had such a big, happy smile on his face I'd just felt ridiculously bad if I have to ignore him. OTL

Well anyway, I ended up not taking the mefenafic acid, at all, it was way too late buddy! way too late! By the time I reached home (almost 2 hours) the pain had totally stopped :/

September 12, 2018

My First Original Art Purchase and Why I Buy it

I'm super happy with my first purchase! But you might laugh if I tell you that I spent half of the day peeking out the window waiting eagerly for the postman. I ran to the window and checked the mailbox everytime I heard a car buzzing by, "It's gotta be the postman!", and I let out a short sigh of disappointment as I realize it was only a neighbor's car passing by. I was quite sure I'd receive the mail by Monday and it really did come in the mail yesterday! I didn't really see when the postman tucked it in but in the late afternoon I checked the mailbox and I saw a thick white envelope sitting there and I was really thrilled! It's here! My first original art I bought from Kateri Ewing through Etsy.

Soft Morning Light by Kateri Ewing, as listed on Etsy

From the Tiny Window series, these sweet little paintings suggest a dreamy look out a window. Like tiny worlds from our mind’s eye.
I use handmade watercolours on Amalfi paper with lovely deckled edges. Size is 2 3/4 x 4 inches.
This sweet little window view features the exquisite handmade watercolours from @wildthorne

I literally stopped breathing out of excitement as I trying to safely open the thick envelope, and instead of getting one original art, I received three! I got two extras and that's veeeerry sweet of her!

Now let's take a moment to serenely appreciate her artworks. I will show you the look of the envelope (as when you order an original artwork) along with everything included inside the lovely mail.

Beautiful metallic gold watercolor on blue paper, inside a purple envelope full of glitter, really shooting. This reminds me to her watercolor meditation series on YouTube, which is so Kateri. I get to know the beautiful concept of Japanese aesthetic, shibui, and wabi-sabi from her too, though I've heard about it before but didn't really pay much attention to it. Now I see art in a wider perspective thanks to her :) 

The second artwork is a mesmerizing array of granulating colors with lots of metallic shimmer from MCMarts. So very very beautiful, it's a bit hard to capture the beauty of the silver shimmer but it's truly fascinating. You can click on the picture to enlarge it and check how beautiful the granulation is. This is the true beauty of handcrafted watercolors which you can't achieve only by using common artist grade watercolors. Only a few have granulation like the famous potter's pink or Daniel Smith PrimaTek series, which also made from mineral pigments.

The last in the lovely mail, but the first in my heart. This one is named 'Soft Morning Light' (love the name!) and I fell in love with this mini watercolor painting when Kateri posted it on her instagram (follow her if you haven't! @kateriewing ). I love love LOVE this watercolor painting that I can find myself fondling it many times in a day, looking at it, smile, and sigh lovingly. Even as I write this post it sits peacefully inside a frame near me.

The painting is so serene, so peaceful, and relaxing. It's a beauty of tranquility captured in a painting. I can feel a gentle breeze blowing through the soft curtain. It's one of those tranquil morning where you just look out the window and you will close your eyes to enjoy and appreciate every seconds of the moment. You will take a deep, long breath and releasing it with smile on your lips, and happiness in your heart. This heartwarming painting has a special place in my heart - the soft light, gentle curtain, and the beautiful scenery are sublime! Truly lovely in every way.

This style is called intuitive painting by Kateri, I really like this style and Kateri has so many tutorial video series on her YouTube called Art is for Everyone.

Why I buy original art:

First of all, I want to sincerely support the artist, I appreciate what they make, it's their love and passion in form of a paper. And by buying it I feel like sharing this precious feeling with them. And when I buy original art, I also hope that it will not only inspire me, but the artist as well.

Inspiration. Original art gives a LOT if inspiration, a lot of passion, that will always refuel my tired heart, really, there would be one day where I don't feel like painting at all, but I think, when I spend a bit of time to appreciate this original art, it will refuel my passion. It's therapeutical, it's healing.

Connection. between you and the artist, and the art itself. Kateri is one of my favorite artist so it feels super special to have her original artwork in my personal art space. Though, my art budget for this month mostly goes to handmade watercolor, but when I see this painting I just couldn't resist! Thankfully it was priced nicely!

Personal expression. Your big, or maybe small art space reflects your individual personality. Just like how you collect stamps, fashion items, or gemstones / jewelries.

Room aesthetic. Original artwork provides true beauty like nothing else, not a single art-print could compare to original art. It's the original paint on the surface of a paper, applied by meticulous hand with love! They're lightfast, and they have their own individual, unique texture. Original art decorates space in a room in the most aesthetic way.

It brings joy! That simple.

Originality. It's one of a kind, it's unique, it is original. There's only one of this painting in the whole world, and only you have it, how cool is that?!


All in all, I'm so happy with this purchase! The mail reached Sweden (from US) in only four working days, super fast! It came in a good condition, and every artwork is carefully wrapped with what seemed like rice paper (not too sure though) secured with a cute washi tape.

To protect it from harmful intruders, like dust, humidity, mold, oily hands, I temporarily put the painting inside this PE (polyethylene) zip bag, PE is commonly used for archival equipments. And now all I need is a museum grade archival plastic bag to safely store this painting as well as my own original artworks. But for now I think the cheap poly bag will suffice. I put this lovely painting inside a silver plated frame that I got as a wedding gift from a friend in Australia (thank you Chrissy!). But I think a simple wooden frame will suit this painting more, what do you think?

August 31, 2018

How to Fill Watercolor Pans

For some people, choosing between pans or tubes can be a bit confusing. But you can save more money if you fill your own watercolor pans! as an example, Schmincke Horadam half pan retails at £6.00 and 5 ml tube for £6.30. With 5 ml tube you can fill the half pan twice or maybe a bit more. For Sennelier series 3, half pan is at £5.20 while 10ml tube retails at £6.00!!! With 10 ml tube you can fill five half pan, that's crazy!

One thing to note is pan sizes can be different depending on the manufacturer. Half pan holds as much as 1,5 ml up to 2 ml. Standard full pan holds only 1,5 times the amount of half pan (only 2,8 ml) so make sure not to be misled, eventhough I've found some full pans from different manufacturer that literally hold twice as much as half pan.

Watercolor - full pan and half pan comparison

For reference, here I am digging out my new Sennelier cake out from its pan.
on the bottom is a full pan of Sennelier olive green, top right is a half pan of Sennelier Phthalo green light, and top left is Winsor & Newton green gold. You can see that the full pan watercolor cake is actually not twice as big as the one from half pan.

Before you start, here are some things to prepare:
- Tiny stick, you can use bented paper clip, tooth pick, needle, or small pointy brush.
- Tissue
- Palette, to hold residual paint
- Half pans or full pans
- Watercolor tubes

Sennelier - Neutral Tint half pan, poured twice

How to fill your watercolor pans:

There are several ways to do it but I prefer the traditional way in which the pan is poured two to three times in liquid state. This will give you the optimal, non-cracking, and less messy result. It works well even with honey based watercolor like Sennelier.

Start with opening the tube carefully and have the pans stay near to the tube. Gas might accumulate inside the tube overtime so sometimes the paint might get pushed out the first time you open it. Squeeze the tube gently and fill the corner of the pan first. If you see some transparent liquid separating from the color, that's gum arabic (binder), stir and mix well using needle or toothpick. Fill to as much as half of the pan.

At this point, make sure that there's no bubbling or space between corners. Some paints can have more creamy consistency and is less liquidy, for a paint like this, use toothpick or small stick to even it out. Pop any big bubbles that might have formed during the pouring session and leave it at room temperature for a few days.

Next, we already have our pans filled halfway. Here are some of my red pans in the making. on the bottom left is original half pan of Schmincke horadam sap green. Schmincke has same formulation and recipes for pan and tubes.

After three days, it's time to pour the second layer.

Repeat the same process for the second layer. Fill the pan → Pop bubbles or stir well if you notice the binder is separating → even out the surface → tap it to palm several times to flatten the texture. Just like this...

This is Schmincke horadam quinacridone red light. It's common for the color to darken a bit after it dries on the pan, don't worry because it won't affect the quality of the paint.

Here's the finished result. I use different brands for my red collection. Schmincke, Holbein, and Old Graham dries out beautifully on the pan. Daniel Smith quin. coral has a toothpaste like consistency so I need to stir it with a small brush for a smooth surface. One thing though, after you stir, put the residual paint on your palette and you can use it later on. For a thicker paint like this, be sure not to let any gap between the corners of the pan as it will cause the paint to crack on the pan after it dries. Some colors from Sennelier will shrink just a bit when it dries but there's nothing to worry, Sennelier still dries out into a soft beautiful watercolor cake. If you buy Sennelier in a pan you will notice that it's not as hard as other brands because of the honey in it. The cake is a bit soft and not rock-hard.

Sorry for photo spamming, more pictures for more references. One important thing to do after you fill the pans is to put it inside a palette or any container and close it to avoid dust. I usually just cover it with one of the hinged flap. Also make sure it has a bit of ventilation to let the air out.

Things to consider when filling pans with watercolor paint:

Some paints will crack or shrink when it dries. To overcome this, you can add one drop of glycerine and mix it well before you let it dry.

Some colours rewet, activate, better than others. Depending on the brand, again, to overcome this, use a bit of honey or glycerine mixture.

You can fully fill the pan in one go but this will increase the risk of cracking and shrinking. on the worst case, it can shrink so bad causing it to fall out from the pan.

Also bear in mind that after you pour the tube watercolour into a pan the volume will reduce after the paint dries with the amount of liquid that has evaporated. Some will have a beautiful dent on the surface so this is why the layering the liquid two to three times gives optimal result, less shrinkage.

If your paint pops out from the pan, fill the plastic pan with one or two drops of water and press the paint back into place.

It can take up to a week or even more until the paint totally dries out. It's all depend on the humidity in your area. For example, in  summer the humidity in Sweden is at 33%, the paint dried out just after 3 to 4 days. Now in fall, the humidity is at the highest, 93% and I need to wait more than a week until it's set (Sennelier takes longer to set).

Some brand like M. Graham tends to be harder to work with - refilling the pans (according to some artists), I've yet to try it so I'm not sure what to say. But if it's because of the honey, it can't be true since Sennelier also use honey (and Sennelier dries out just okay!) And almost all handmade watercolor also use honey in the recipes. I will be back with some M. Graham paints later on and test it out.

Empty pan is widely available everywhere online. Just google it :)

If you have questions drop me a message on a comment box and I will get back to you ASAP, thanks for reading!

August 28, 2018


I'm back to blogosphere again!

Life has been good (and also bad) so far! No but really, we all need to stay focused on our blessings, no?

“Get up, stand up: don’t give up the fight!”
― Bob Marley

I have so many things I want to say, so basically it's just gonna be my diary type a thingy. I also tweaked the template by myself, how you like it? I want it simple and neat!

So yeah, that's it for first post!