December 20, 2020

Bandung Food Tour: Fogo Brazilian BBQ All You Can Eat!

Throw back to last month where I finally got to eat at Fogo Brazilian BBQ and I loved it!! I was soooo happy hahahaha. Too bad I missed their promo event though. They were offering "buy 2 get 1 free" *cry* but anyway, it's IDR 147.000/USD 10 per person for all you can eat buffet with a time limit of 60 minutes.

I know it's bad to dine in during corona but I can't help it, Brazilian BBQ is too irresistible, how can I not? a relative kept telling me about how good Fogo is so I just had to go. at least all the waiters and waitresses are following health protocols, they were wearing gloves, mask, face shield... and they were nice too.

Anyway, the building! The building façade might looks plain, but the interior was nice. it has rustic vibe with a bit of modern touch. The rooms inside are like a combination of outdoor x indoor rooms, they have this kind of wide opening in the center, kind of like semi open air main room. and they grow plants there so more nature-ish ambience.

Before you go further, make sure you're not hungry!

I got too distracted I forgot to photograph the other side of the main buffet table :c and I forgot what was there too lol, I just remember the sauces, there was like... I think, four of it? lol jeez I'm such  a bad reviewer! But yeah there was that classic ketchup, Indonesian style sambal, shallow chili sauce, and that green thing, chimichurri? well not sure what's the name is.

First time meeting Vicky (left), he's a nice, funny, and surprisingly mature for his age o: Told them so stop moving for a picture, hehe. That small plate of pesto rice was the only carb I had that day. You can get unlimited french fries or spaghetti too if you want but I'd rather stuff myself with protein since it's all you can eat buffet anyway~ tummy has no free slots for extra carbs!

Waitress, busy explaining how the course will gonna be and me, not paying attention to things she said. Thought I was just gonna devour everything on the table and yes I did.

Brazilian peri peri beef! Good but, not as good as the one below:

All time favorite! Garlic butter beef! ♥♥♥ OMG if I can only choose one food to eat for the rest of my life I will absolutely choose garlic beef!!! I ate sooooo much of this I swear, over 1 kilograms I suppose? I remember I told the waiter to "slice ALL of it" (for the second time) and he was like, huh, are you sure? lol! The tenderloin is the best, soft and juicy.

YUM! I hope you're not in hangry state as you see this....

Honey glazed beef, um... I don't really like this one. it's... sweet...! I personally don't like sweet mixed with meat. I like my meat to be umami filled, savory, and salty.

Assorted videos compilations here, enjoy!

Garlic beef belly, delicious but incredibly TOUGH! Felt as if I was chewing rubber flip flops, by the way, you'll get charged for meat leftovers, I think it was 2 bucks per 100grams of meat. So I just had to tell the waiter that the meat was "too hard to chew". I don't wanna get charged for some kind of flip flop meat lol, but the meat itself was delicious! I hope they'll make it softer next time.

Slices slices...

My true love garlic tenderloin!

The mango pudding was soooooooooo damn good! I LOVE mango pudding! Too bad the pudding wasn't part of 'all you can eat' menus though :c like, how can it be like that? so sad, I only ate 12 of it.... I wish I could eat more... ㅠㅠ

Last dessert, traditional Brazilian honeyed cinnamon grilled pineapple. it was nice but, again, too sweet! haha. My friend was complaining about how sweet the pineapple was we couldn't eat all of it. 

FOGO Brazilian BBQ

Jl. Ciliwung No.1, Cihapit, Kec. Bandung Wetan, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40114
10AM - 10PM

Fogo is a nice, all you can eat BBQ restaurant with fair price, nice atmosphere, and delicious meats!!! I will definitely come back for the mango pudding and garlic tenderloin! and oh, I didn't know they do have tandoori chicken too DAMN I LOVE TANDOORI CHICKEN! I didn't know! Should have put more attention to the menus :c so sad. But what is Indian tandoori doing in a Brazilian BBQ restaurant? lol. The main menus are beef and chicken and you can opt for different types of glazing like peanut sauce, garlic, butter soy, peri-peri, and honey. 

There were many varieties of side dishes available like vegetable fritters, french fries, salads, spaghetti bolognaise, cream soup, butter rice, pesto rice, and many others. All self service! 

Anyhow, it's just sad that the time limit given was only 60 minutes, that is way to short!!! Like, I couldn't 'savor the moment' because I had to eat everything in a rush, time is running out! it was definitely-not-nice, that part. 

Disclaimer: this review is NOT sponsored.

So that's it about Fogo! Now, moving on to another topic, it's 5.39 AM and here I am writing a post with dark circle under my eyes, whelp. I will set alarm and sleep for a few hours cause tomorrow my friend will host a Chrismast online karaoke event on discord and I absolutely don't wanna miss it because that's the only time I could have fun and deter away from my sad social life lol! With or without quarantine I think it's pretty much the same for me, I just miss going to uni :c 

Reason why I slept so late today, kimchi! The nappa cabbages were all brined yesterday and I just... had to finish making the paste otherwise it will go bad. Didn't make much this time, just 4 kilograms. But I'm quite happy that it turned out nice! But oh I forgot to buy radish, so stupid! I will just add the julienned radish later on today.

Been having a bad art block lately. I have to be more productive and stop being lazy. or maybe I'm just tired? is living alone that tiring? I'm not sure lol I think I kind of, like it. Just that maybe it's tiring me out inside, subconsciously. 

And right, iPhone! I need your help! I'm thinking about getting myself iPhone 12 mini but I'm torn between the white or the black one. Heart says black though but isn't the white looks cute? My current phone is white, never had a black phone before but now I think I might like black more because the main camera lenses are less prominent, since it's all black. The white one reminds me of makibao's humongous nostrils ㅠㅠ

Don't you agree? But still it's cute!

But choose for me and leave your vote on comment please! I'd really appreciate your opinion. So yea, gonna hit the sack now, bonne nuit!

December 7, 2020

Blogging 101: Unlimited Google Storage for Blogger Photos

For us blogger, it's extremely important for us to know where we are uploading our photos into. For me, I've been using Google photos, simply because Google is blogger's official host and all images uploaded from blogger will be stashed in your Google photos and I would stay away from 3rd party image hosting site like Ph*t*buck*t, because I want my images to stay and appear on my blog forever (or as long as Google is alive!), like, we wouldn't know how long site like Ph*t*buck*t or tinyp*c can last. it's not like I'm trying to bring those sites down, just that, in my case, I trust Google more. Also, I don't want my image to look like this:

or worse:

Google Photos

Now let's talk about Google Photos. Google provides free 15 GB limit to each account, all form of files you send/receive on your Gmail and images you upload from blogger will count towards the storage you have from Google. 

it's not unlimited until you set your upload size

This really important for us bloggers, do set your upload size to 'high quality' to get unlimited free storage from Google. Mine was originally set to "original quality" and I had to manually switch it to 'high quality' (which will resize all photos uploaded into Blogger to fit into the 2,048-pixel cap) to be able to upload as many images as I want to blogger (Google) photos without worrying about the 15GB quota. Yes, using blogger 'insert image' feature and 'upload from your computer' will count towards your Google storage quota and all images uploaded from Blogger will be stored in your Google album archive. Though, if you want, you can always buy more storage from Google.

Check Google upload setting HERE.
Change your upload size HERE.
Check your Google Photo storage HERE.

it's not free forever...

Unfortunately, Google will end unlimited uploads service as of June 1st, 2021. But photos uploaded before June 2021 will not count towards users' limits. So make sure you utilize their service at least until June 1st! 
I hope you will find this information useful! 

December 2, 2020

Lembang Floating Market Part II & The Great Asia Africa

Finally! it's the last month of our dreary 2020, I really wish I could wrap it up nicely, in a less boring way 'cause well, it's been boring! I was forced to attend online class from February to July and it wasn't fun! it's nicer to be in a class, meeting people in person. So yea, I hope we can start a normal, offline class starting next year. As for new year resolution, as per usual, I have none. Life goes on and that's it, new year or not I still have to do better.

Anyway, my and a relative went to Lembang floating market, again!!! lol, consider this post to be sequel of my latest travel post. This time we went to two places though, floating market and the great Asia Africa. Wished we could have visited more :c

November 12th

One of my favorite chilling spot, a bit cloudy but the weather was nice! 

The matcha lake, as I called it, was still green as ever, no boat today though.

Enjoying my free, warm, welcome drink

Heheheu took this nice jumping pic. Mine turned out bad so I won't post it.

Favorite chilling place numero uno, as I've previously mentioned, I'd spend all day sitting here painting (once I get rid of my art block)

The filter was from Snow app, try it out it's really funny couldn't stop laughing watching this video I randomly took hahahaha. (Sticker was from Inshot app).

Lunch time. I didn't take a pic of the full course menu though, was too hungry!

Never liked posing for pictures because it's just awkward! But here's one.

Cat was following me only because I had dry cat food with me all the time, not because they actually like me :c

Cepot! I like cepot, wayang.

I LOVE this small 'kampung style' outdoor restaurant, very nature-ish with Sundanese vibe! But he didn't like the grilled fish he ordered from this place hahaha.

Wohooo photos come out without back light problem! Happy~

The spiral potato wasn't crispy that day :c so sad, I really liked it though... but anyway the milk was the bomb! 

Hoo, I really like this sweet, ginger rich, "ronde jahe"!!! perfect for cold windy day!

The bunny was so cute, but isn't too hairy for a bunny, rabbit? lol I meant it looks like an Angora rabbit but less fluffier? 

How I wish to have a house with rustic vibe like this ㅠㅠ

This picture comes out nicely!

Another favorite pictures I took~ Yellow cosmos flowers!

Trying out Samsung macro mode. and oh wow Samsung is not bad isn't it? 

I wish this were my own personal garden. lol

View from Rainbon Garden
Met a group of old ladies who asked me to take pictures for them, and they were funny, haha.

What a lovely pathway, isn't it?

Small paddy field

We moved to another place called "the great Asia Africa" in the afternoon, it's only few miles away from floating market. We spent almost six hours in floating market. 09.00 am to almost 15.00 pm, walking!!! and we gonna walk for a few more hours! 

The Great Asia Africa

Jl. Raya Lembang - Bandung No.71, Gudangkahuripan, Lembang, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat 40391

Entry ticket: IDR 50.000 
Opens 09.00 AM to 18.00 PM

They're selling merchandises here, kinda expensive though.

Can spend hours here with coffee or tea and a laptop.

I'm afraid of heights... but I took this picture anyway.

There's that gondola thing, like, the kind of gondola that's attached to a railway, that you can ride on and it will bring you straight down to the 'real' the great asia africa with only IDR 15.000, if I'm not mistaken. (but it's free at 18.00 PM!). But we chose to just, walk!

 한국 마을!!! I really didn't expect to see this lol.

the box though... lol

This place is selling rice cakes!

Indian areas. Too bad I didn't get the chance to eat in the Indian restaurant inside that building. Ahhh!!! I LOVE Indian food. I'll be making tandoori chicken soon to satisfy my crave!


Who would've thought this picture was taken in Lembang haha, it reminds me of Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine in Kyoto!

Doctor fish SPA... IDR 10.000 for 10 minutes. I wouldn't try it though... I'm EXTREMELY ticklish.

We came way too late so all the shops were closed :c

Ema plates! But instead of wooden plates... these are just papers! What will you write though?

if they ever put all these up for sale, I'll buy it!!! I'm collecting traditional Japanese stuffs. I have an okay collection of authentic Japanese kimonos and other smaller stuffs, like... oshie kurumie and washi papers!

We only had three hours to explore the great Asia Africa which of course, wasn't enough! The sun sets so fast so I wasn't able to get good pictures and many of the shops were closed down. I'll take more pictures later on, since it's not soo far away from where I live now, only 7 miles away. But I like floating market more than the great Asia Africa simply because floating market was much more beautiful, more flowery and more nature-ish. There's still many places in Lembang I have yet to visit! I wanna go to Orchid Forest, Dusun Bambu, The Ranch, and Farm House!

As I write this I'm still recovering from a dengue fever, again, like, seriously I had dengue fever too last year but this time I refuse to get bedridden in a hospital. I woke up with blood on my pillow in Nov 25th and apparently, the blood was from my right ear. I had it checked by ENT doctor, just in case the bleeding wasn't because of dengue! But doc said everything seemed okay? and I just need RF therapy for my inferior turbinate hypertrophy, which unfortunately can only be done next year due to corona.

I really hope I can blog more frequently though, lol fingers crossed. But let's see I hope I'd have more will to actually post. I downloaded blogger app from Google play store but that app was really meh I uninstalled it right away, I thought it can be nice to be able to write casually from my phone sometimes, but apparently no, lol. accessing blogger from Chrome is nicer.

Anyway, I finally met these cute fluffy soufflés! They're only few months old.

So cute so cute!
They don't have a name yet, any suggestion?

And oh, I decided to separate my Instagram account, one is for artsy stuffs and the new one is my personal-daily Instagram, follow me on @kimyoung_88 if you want! Thankies! 

Lastly, I tried to incorporate short videos to my post now, I tried to use blogger's video but it was sooo bad that I just switched to YouTube. So yeah I hope you enjoy this post and I'll see you on my next post!

I will leave you with my latest favorite music, 너의 의미 (meaning of you) by 김창완. I know I have grandpa's taste, lol!