December 20, 2020

Bandung Food Tour: Fogo Brazilian BBQ All You Can Eat!

Throw back to last month where I finally got to eat at Fogo Brazilian BBQ and I loved it!! I was soooo happy hahahaha. Too bad I missed their promo event though. They were offering "buy 2 get 1 free" *cry* but anyway, it's IDR 147.000/USD 10 per person for all you can eat buffet with a time limit of 60 minutes.

I know it's bad to dine in during corona but I can't help it, Brazilian BBQ is too irresistible, how can I not? a relative kept telling me about how good Fogo is so I just had to go. at least all the waiters and waitresses are following health protocols, they were wearing gloves, mask, face shield... and they were nice too.

Anyway, the building! The building façade might looks plain, but the interior was nice. it has rustic vibe with a bit of modern touch. The rooms inside are like a combination of outdoor x indoor rooms, they have this kind of wide opening in the center, kind of like semi open air main room. and they grow plants there so more nature-ish ambience.

Before you go further, make sure you're not hungry!

I got too distracted I forgot to photograph the other side of the main buffet table :c and I forgot what was there too lol, I just remember the sauces, there was like... I think, four of it? lol jeez I'm such  a bad reviewer! But yeah there was that classic ketchup, Indonesian style sambal, shallow chili sauce, and that green thing, chimichurri? well not sure what's the name is.

First time meeting Vicky (left), he's a nice, funny, and surprisingly mature for his age o: Told them so stop moving for a picture, hehe. That small plate of pesto rice was the only carb I had that day. You can get unlimited french fries or spaghetti too if you want but I'd rather stuff myself with protein since it's all you can eat buffet anyway~ tummy has no free slots for extra carbs!

Waitress, busy explaining how the course will gonna be and me, not paying attention to things she said. Thought I was just gonna devour everything on the table and yes I did.

Brazilian peri peri beef! Good but, not as good as the one below:

All time favorite! Garlic butter beef! ♥♥♥ OMG if I can only choose one food to eat for the rest of my life I will absolutely choose garlic beef!!! I ate sooooo much of this I swear, over 1 kilograms I suppose? I remember I told the waiter to "slice ALL of it" (for the second time) and he was like, huh, are you sure? lol! The tenderloin is the best, soft and juicy.

YUM! I hope you're not in hangry state as you see this....

Honey glazed beef, um... I don't really like this one. it's... sweet...! I personally don't like sweet mixed with meat. I like my meat to be umami filled, savory, and salty.

Assorted videos compilations here, enjoy!

Garlic beef belly, delicious but incredibly TOUGH! Felt as if I was chewing rubber flip flops, by the way, you'll get charged for meat leftovers, I think it was 2 bucks per 100grams of meat. So I just had to tell the waiter that the meat was "too hard to chew". I don't wanna get charged for some kind of flip flop meat lol, but the meat itself was delicious! I hope they'll make it softer next time.

Slices slices...

My true love garlic tenderloin!

The mango pudding was soooooooooo damn good! I LOVE mango pudding! Too bad the pudding wasn't part of 'all you can eat' menus though :c like, how can it be like that? so sad, I only ate 12 of it.... I wish I could eat more... ㅠㅠ

Last dessert, traditional Brazilian honeyed cinnamon grilled pineapple. it was nice but, again, too sweet! haha. My friend was complaining about how sweet the pineapple was we couldn't eat all of it. 

FOGO Brazilian BBQ

Jl. Ciliwung No.1, Cihapit, Kec. Bandung Wetan, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40114
10AM - 10PM

Fogo is a nice, all you can eat BBQ restaurant with fair price, nice atmosphere, and delicious meats!!! I will definitely come back for the mango pudding and garlic tenderloin! and oh, I didn't know they do have tandoori chicken too DAMN I LOVE TANDOORI CHICKEN! I didn't know! Should have put more attention to the menus :c so sad. But what is Indian tandoori doing in a Brazilian BBQ restaurant? lol. The main menus are beef and chicken and you can opt for different types of glazing like peanut sauce, garlic, butter soy, peri-peri, and honey. 

There were many varieties of side dishes available like vegetable fritters, french fries, salads, spaghetti bolognaise, cream soup, butter rice, pesto rice, and many others. All self service! 

Anyhow, it's just sad that the time limit given was only 60 minutes, that is way to short!!! Like, I couldn't 'savor the moment' because I had to eat everything in a rush, time is running out! it was definitely-not-nice, that part. 

Disclaimer: this review is NOT sponsored.

So that's it about Fogo! Now, moving on to another topic, it's 5.39 AM and here I am writing a post with dark circle under my eyes, whelp. I will set alarm and sleep for a few hours cause tomorrow my friend will host a Chrismast online karaoke event on discord and I absolutely don't wanna miss it because that's the only time I could have fun and deter away from my sad social life lol! With or without quarantine I think it's pretty much the same for me, I just miss going to uni :c 

Reason why I slept so late today, kimchi! The nappa cabbages were all brined yesterday and I just... had to finish making the paste otherwise it will go bad. Didn't make much this time, just 4 kilograms. But I'm quite happy that it turned out nice! But oh I forgot to buy radish, so stupid! I will just add the julienned radish later on today.

Been having a bad art block lately. I have to be more productive and stop being lazy. or maybe I'm just tired? is living alone that tiring? I'm not sure lol I think I kind of, like it. Just that maybe it's tiring me out inside, subconsciously. 

And right, iPhone! I need your help! I'm thinking about getting myself iPhone 12 mini but I'm torn between the white or the black one. Heart says black though but isn't the white looks cute? My current phone is white, never had a black phone before but now I think I might like black more because the main camera lenses are less prominent, since it's all black. The white one reminds me of makibao's humongous nostrils ㅠㅠ

Don't you agree? But still it's cute!

But choose for me and leave your vote on comment please! I'd really appreciate your opinion. So yea, gonna hit the sack now, bonne nuit!


  1. I just ate Kimchi Jigae today, hahahahaha, seems your kimchi looks good, Young 😍 By the way, about Brazilian BBQ, I tried it in the past. Tastewise is good, consider the price kinda affordable compare to another beef buffet that I tried in other place 😁

    Oh, about Iphone, why not choose the blue or gold one? LOL 😂 If I need to vote between white or black, I will choose black, because I never use white as far as I remember. My Iphone also black and it's look good (plus COOL!) on hand 🤣

  2. You are lucky you COULD dine in. When our lockdowns were in place take away was it.
    I like the white one - black phones hide from me too well.

  3. Heloo Kim, this is first time for me to read your blog. I like it. Your explain about bbq restaurant in Bandung, is very nice. I wanna try to go there.. :))

  4. It looks an amazing restaurant - and not too crowded in these pandemic times.

  5. The post is absolutely fantastic and really nice camera work, looked like you really enjoyed that.
    I've been to a few Brazilian BBQ restaurants and each time I leave regretting how much I've eaten, and loving it.
    Me too, I like the white one!

  6. Hola!!!! muchas gracias por pasarte por mi blog :D wow que genial entrada *-* me gusto muchísimo ;)

    Un beso desde Plegarias en la Noche.

  7. That looks like an amazing place :-D

  8. We pay well over $50USD in Chicago for Fogo, so I'd be pretty happy to dine there for only $10! The food looks amazing. I can see why you enjoyed dining there so much.
    As for the phone, I like the black better.


  9. Hello Hello!
    What a beautiful dish, it looks really delicious, I already got an appetite, I want to visit that place although I'm not very good at traveling hahaha, thanks for stopping by my blog and for following me

  10. We've been to a place in Chicago called Fogo de Chao. It's very good, but sooo much meat. It was a one time thing for us. My son-in-law loved it though. My husband just got the iPhone 12. He hasn't switched over to it from his 8 yet though. We'll see.

  11. Merry Christmas,🌟 May this holiday season be full of surprises and happiness.

  12. impressive..... beautiful place, artful light and off course delicious foods...yummy....
    I wish to visit the restaurant one day...

  13. All of your photo is great! The food look very mouthwatering🤤

  14. It's been a really long timeeee since my last cafe/restaurant hopping! And I just know from your post about Fogo, woooaah I love garlic meat too! Watching the video you recorded makes me craving for some BBQ 😝

    Got laugh at The white iPhone looks like Makibao's nostrils WKWKWKWK Makibao is cuteeee haha. Anyway opposite from you, I always choose black for my phone. I dont know but I think it will makes your phone looks more glam? 😅